Building professional sites since 1994!


We bring over 20 years web design experience to each project ... just one of the reasons we are the choice of erotic professionals nationwide.

While the web has changed significantly in the past 20 years, our commitment to delivering the most effective and professional sites, has not. One the contrary, we now produce top level web sites that give our clients a distinct edge over their competition.

A History of major web success

When Bill Clinton visited Ireland in 1998, the city of Limerick chose Caoilte to develop the city's website in support of that visit. When the Government of Ireland's Valuation Department wanted its initial web site built, they turned to Caoilte.

In fact apart from being the first company in the world to achieve ISO certification for Web Site Development and Marketing (1997), the late 90s saw us create leading web sites for industry and government on such a level that we were selected to give nationwide conferences on use of the web for business development.

Since 2002, Caoilte has focused primarily on support and development for individuals and companies engaged in the highly competitive erotic industry. By 2007, we had streamlined out offerings to support individuals rather than companies and we have been an active promoter of independent escorts and others seeking to avoid the pimp factor of agents and agencies.

Today our business focus is entirely on supporting independent individuals only and as such we are able to provide additional support and counseling in support of these erotic entrepreneurs.