Your image is everything.


In the business of eroticism, your image is everything. And by image we don't just mean how you look. We mean how you promote yourself and your business. Put yourself in safe hands. At Caoilte we genuinely care ... you won't find that anywhere else and it's why escorts, performers, masseuses, and models, choose Caoilte above everyone else. We treat your business as if it's our own. You will never be on your own again.

We have your back.


More than any other business, the erotic world is full of parasites, exploiters, abusers, hanger-ons, fakers, amateurs, pimps, and wannabes. If you are going to get fucked, this is the industry that will do it to you ... and not necessarily in a good way. When you are ready for a friend, one that will treat you with love, care, dignity, and respect ... give us a call. We have your back.

Things we do best

It's time to blow our own horn:

  1. Web Site Design (second to none)
  2. Client Management and Promotion
  3. Photography through JonNeville StudiO
  4. BFF services at no charge!