We choose to lead

Caoilte has always been a company that led through innovation. In each market that we have been in, we have sought out new mechanisms to provide better solutions for our customers.

When we began in technology industries, we pushed the boundaries of fiber optic and data solutions by developing processes that placed our end-products in the high-performance end of the industry becoming a key provider to household names such as AT&T.

As we expanded our business into online business delivery systems in the late 90's, we then sought out and achieved ISO Certification for our web development and marketing products, becoming the first in the world to achieve ISO certification for such in 1999. We developed cutting edge websites for industry, government, and even much publicized content site for President Clinton's visit to Ireland in 1998.

By the time we expanded into survey services for the commercial property industries, we committed our energies to move quickly into online delivery systems that fully utilized web technologies and provided cross-platform access to property information.

Our continued approach within Operations Plans and LODs for example, is to provide not just as complete and accurate a product as possible, but to maintain complete transarency within our process and product. We do so in the belief that this creates the most comprehensive and accurate product available to our clients.

While we became a household name within some industry sectors, we have kept a relatively low profile within the US, allowing some of our brands such as GaelCom to flourish within their own market segments. Consolidation of enterprise in late 2019 propelled us into normalization of the Caoilte identity across our different brands.

So, welcome to Caoilte ... the 25-year-old-friend, you never knew you had!