Property and Unit Surveys

Being the market leader in the development of operations plans and LODs, places a heavy responsibility on various aspects of a company's human resources. None moreso than those engaged in surveying.

It requires that the people we put out on the front line be professional, conscientious, and willing to go that extra mile. It can be a challenging job; long days and subject to the extremes of weather and other on-the-ground conditions.

Our surveyors are full-time employees with between 10 and 30 years experience in field surveying. While some came into this role with us, others came from the field of Alta Surveys and so it is reasonable to say that their level of experience is quite significant.

Our surveyors are not only professionals with relevant degrees and experience, they also operate within a highly structured process that ensures that each property, small or large, gets the same rigorous treatment, resulting in the same comprehensive product.

It isn't conceited to state that our process is simply the most structured and controlled that could possibly be exerted. It is a simple statement of fact and one that we are very proud to own. Each year we review the process against the advances in technologies available and against the needs of our clients and where necessary, we tweak it.

This translates into a consistently improving product that is derived from a consistently improving process.