Customer First

More than just a slogan, our Customer First program is our commitment to resolve conflicting decisions in favor of our clients. While we are a "for profit" company, we do not let profit overule the needs of our customers. If we sometime have to eat it, then we do.

While we don't presume to think we are perfect, we understand that striving for accuracy in our delivered product is only a first step in a true Customer First experience. Having complete transparency and making real effort to keep the product current, helps fill in the gaps in our frailties and ensure that our clients experience the very best that we are able to deliver.

From the moment an employee joins Caoilte, they undergo rigorous training to our highly documented processes and then every employee participates in our weekly review meetings first thing on a Monday morning in order to refocus on objectives and performance. This allow us to regularly recommit to our stated goals, become aware of where we might be falling short, and receive peer and management support in realigning our efforts.

Decision making is always based upon what is in the best interest of the client. And each employee is encouraged to bring voice to issues that they might be aware of. There has been universal acceptance across each department and these meetings have been very instrumental in our successful Customer First approach.

In recent years we have even had client participation in a couple of such meetings and similarly we have sent delegates to internal client meetings to participate in work-shop engagements with other key vendors.

We are Caoilte ... the 25-year-old-partner, you never knew you had!