What's in a name!

When we first incorporated in 1994, we adopted the name of our forefather from 2,000 years ago. There are all sorts of options available to you when you first decide to create a company name ... some go a functional route, some an abstract, and some an acronym.

But when the idea first came to us, we opted to choose something personal. The founding Chairman, David Ronan, being a descendent of such a hugely historical figure, it seemed only fitting.

Lovers of poetry may know the characterization of Caoilte in W. B. Yeat's wonderful short poem "The Hosting of the Sidhe".

But for those of us growing up in the history and folklore of ancient Ireland, Caoilte embodied many of the wonderful characteristics that we would wish this company to be. He was the chief poet of the Fianna, the fastest runner in the country, and (allegedly) able to communicate directly with animals.

In many of our business dealings, we set out to be the poet, the storyteller ... the person that shares important knowledge on an open platform. Being transparent is an important facet of this.

Our speed of innovation is a characteristic we have carried well ... typically outpacing our competitors in several industries and achieving notable firsts (such as our ISO Certification in web design and marketing).

And while we haven't learned how to speak to animals, we do try. Within our management team we have a strong devotion to the natural world and if animals ever do come to understand us, they will know they have a friend in us.

Caoilte was one of only two survivors of the great battle of Gabhra in 284 which saw the end of the Fianna warrior army. In wistful foklore, he saved Oisin and rode into the mountains where he lived among the faeries in the land of Tir na n'Og for hundreds of years.

While we don't pretend to have discovered the fountain of youth or claim absurd longevities, we have continued this warrior's tale for over 25 years now and done so as honorably as possible.

We are Caoilte.



By the way ... if you are still trying to figure out how to pronounce Caoilte, go the phonetic route ... KWEELTA